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Rosemary Topiary Guide

Rosemary topiary is the method of trimming and schooling shrubs or trees into ornate and decorative outlines. You can grow any type of decorative shrub or herb into the decorative topiary of your choice as long as you can give it a little maintenance and care.

You will need a young potted herby plant .The rate of growth of your rosemary topiary will be dependent on the local weather. If the weather is sunny and mild expect five months of growth of the bush. But if the weather is cold you can easily expect a growth of about a year before you can have a decent growth for trimming.

Initially grow the rosemary topiary plant straight upward with a stalk helping it to stay up. You can pinch off any lateral growths which appear. The best height for the plant is about 12" to 36". Stick a stalk in the solid soil to hold up the plant. Allow the central shoot to grow and cut of any lateral shoots to encourage upward growth.

Always tie the plant to the stalk firmly to prevent bending. But at the same time check the ties carefully, these ties are more likely to house the ticks and bugs which can attack a young plant causing tremendous damage.

Remember to turn the plant if you have kept it indoors and so each side be given sufficient light and it will nurture uniformly.

Feed your rosemary topiary every four or five watering or water. Fill the bottom with water and don't just mist the plant.

Forming the top of the rosemary topiary plant to the desired shape is the next step but the easiest. Pinch the growing tip off and wait and watch. Think leaf size and time of enlargement. When you have decided these, pinch away the tip of the main stem, and then remove the leaves off of the main stem where you don't want any growth taking place. Allow evenly spaced branches to grow out to prevent crowding to develop. The trunk may increase in length as it grow and increases in size.

Cut growing tips about every 2 inches.

Many herbs are generally used for topiary, along with rosemary topiary. The herbs you choose can give your topiary a wonderfully fragrant smell as wells as a elegant look, so be creative and have fun!

Topiary Tip #1

You must use patience when tending and creating your topiary project. They grow slowly and if you rush and trim too much or too deep into your topiary plant you could wind up killing it.

Topiary Tip #2

If you do not have a green thumb or don't have the time to take care of a live topiary plant that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy your own topiary. Take a look at some of the artificial topiary creations that are made out of silk. They are extremely lifelike, require zero maintenance and will last forever.

Topiary Tip #3

Start Small. If you are new to creating and growing topiary, then it is highly recommended that you start with a small topiary project like a ball or a vine ladder and stick with that until you get the hang of it. It would be a shame to get into a project over your head and wind up ruining your topiary.

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